Delays Inbound~

Sorry to report it like this guys, because it’s really a first world problem.

We got so many people asking in to be editors that I am now swamped with work related to that.

I send a test as a reply to the original email sent to me, and upon completion it gets returned and I mark it. The amount of work that goes in is not negligible since I need to make sure I find the best candidate.

Therefore I am making this post to ensure all of our readers know we will be slightly late with Chapter 35. On Sunday I plan on binge editing 35 and 36 (which 9 was kind enough to provide…possibly 37 knowing him) but of course I can’t promise a release. We also recently switched our platform for internal editing and proofing so we’re getting used to it.

Huge thanks to everyone that applied. Really. It’s great to know we have readers that care :)

We are still taking applications for Assistant Editor though so feel free to shoot me an email:

We at Lazy9 appreciate you readers just as much as you (hopefully) appreciate us. With this, I return to working like a slave.



34 thoughts on “Delays Inbound~

      1. Everlasting Guilty Crown

        Your comments just made my day…

        As long as we know that there’s still going to have a release of Kansutoppu, we can patiently wait without complain.

        May the force be with you and thx as always from me to you guys for the upcoming and future releases ♥♥♥


          1. pepperisk

            i followed slime tensai and the tler posted “sick brb in a few days” and disappeared. This is much better compared to that (^_^)v


    1. neoshadow

      We will have something for 35 soon this new system is taking some time to get used to, but we be getting stuff out alot faster :D ~neo (one of the new proofreaders)


  1. digdug

    That’s fine, thank you for the update. Also thank you for all you translations and editing. To all of those who are involved in the process.


  2. Schion

    I’m kinda expecting 9 to do a surprise mass release of 10 chapter to Xant to REALLY swamp him in work and make him go into tears… 3:)


      1. Triopsate

        It would be less noticeable if you slowly stealth translated ahead and dumped them all at the same time (ie: slowly and stealthily translating chapters 60+ while moving ahead normally at a slightly slower pace and then dump chapter 59 plus the stealth translated chapters at the same time).

        On second thought, that might just be cruel xD.


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