Announcement Time~

Hey everyone :) Sorry for the weird post timing.

We’ve been quite busy behind the scenes for some time now. As you may have noticed with our large batch release a short while ago, we did something rather deceptive to all of our readers. Thank you for your kind words and we’re glad that everyone enjoyed what we put out. Special thanks to Kensei and Irina for pointing out many errors that were present.

So this time around, we’re gonna do everyone a solid and actually tell you guys what’s going on here at Lazy9.

For one, Aho-Updates is a thing and is run by a member of Re:Translations GJDan, a pretty chill dude who hangs out with the Re:Translation team.

Secondly, I’m still a jobless and ill bum.

Finally, we toyed with the idea of taking on a second project.

To summarize 9’s gripes about it:

“I don’t want to slow down Kansutoppu more than I have to.”

To summarize how he feels now: ”

It’ll take like a month per chapter but it won’t impact Kansutoppu.”

So with that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be working on a manga series! Which one you ask? Well CLEARLY my awesome hidden clues are always ignored. I’ve tried hiding stuff in posts on other websites and even here, but people seem to skip over them entirely. Anyways, the clue this time is hidden in a link on my wordpress. OHNOSPOILER

We’ll be working in conjunction with an old friend of mine who runs a scanlation site, check him out here. We owe him a lot for the help and raws he’s given us so far. Our work will be posted and hosted here first and foremost, followed by him rehosting it after a few days. We will, at the time of posting and now, respectfully ask that nobody uploads our work to another site BEFORE 48 hours have passed.

What series will we be doing? Find the clue or wait it out~

We are done recruiting, thanks for the applications guys :3


13 thoughts on “Announcement Time~

  1. Lucent

    Hey yeah, Aho-Translations is run by GJDan, the operator for Japtem IRC. He’s not part of Re:Translations, so you may want to scratch that out.


  2. Dracomancern

    Hello there Xant,
    First off, thanks for the translations, this story is pretty awesome. On another note, I would like to help you out. If I have the original picture, I should be able to convert the text from it into a text file. Leave me a message at and let’s try a test run.

    Thanks again for the translations


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