Announcement time~

Purely for transparency, 9 and I have an announcement to make.

We have a certain something in the works. It’s been on hiatus for most of January due to reasons, but it is now resuming. Due to this, you may notice a small slowdown in our translating and editing speed. We’ll do our best to keep our speed up, but we felt it was best to let you, the readers, know that there may be a small slowdown.

Personally, we don’t want to slow down at all since we love this series and the characters so much. But things are what they are.

Just to make sure you guys get this, we are not stopping.

Thanks to all of you that have read this series alongside us, and we hope to keep it that way for a long time.

And regarding the ‘something’, we’ll announce it at a later time.

9 says he can probably still do about 2 chapters per week. So not much will change.

-9 & Xant

P.S. 9 is practically begging that nobody take Ryua from him (aka translating this series). If you guys could be patient while we translate and edit, that would be awesome. If you can’t wait, it is what it is.


7 thoughts on “Announcement time~

  1. Berserkering

    Damn! I hope the slowdown isn’t too bad, especially since we’re sort of in the middle of a cool arc.

    Good luck on the other thing you’re working on! I hope it’s another cool series.

    Thanks for informing us.


    1. fufufufufu

      don’t worry, its just that i won’t be able to release chapters as fast as before.
      I can probably be able to finish 1 chapter per 2-3 days. I pretty much try to spend my whole night to translate which can be 3-6 hours or more and sometimes if i’m in a really good mood for translating i can finish 1 chapter in one night. though, honestly its just that with this i won’t be able to Translate during the morning, since i usually translate around 40-60% at the night and finish the rest on the morning.


      1. Berserkering

        Well, all I can say is thanks for the hard work and I look forward to what’s coming up with Kansutoppu and your special something!


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