Kansutoppu! Prologue: What Awaited me on the Lowest Floor

Prologue – What Awaited Me On The Lowest Floor

Finally, I reached the 100th floor.
I wonder how long it has been since then?
When I was a kid, I couldn’t even win against an animal that resembled a monster.
On the contrary, I was nearly killed a lot of times.
I missed the time where I used a wooden stick that was laying around to practice my swings.
When the village still existed, what I used to wear was frowned upon.
Far from fighting against demons, we didn’t even go out of the village.
At that time I’d been a child and it certainly was dangerous outside, so that was natural.
Right now, I couldn’t think about the the good old days.

Ever since the day the village was burned down, I continued to walk mindlessly until I noticed that I was in front of a cave.
If you think about it, normally I should have died already.
I wonder why I was able to get this far, I don’t understand.
Maybe I was still determined to survive.

There is something waiting at the bottom of the stairs
I wonder what it is? At the 90th floor, I was fighting against a huge snake with terrifying speed.
It was going around in circles with high speed, drawing a spiral and surrounding the entire area.
As if it was shaving the ground, everything on its way was swallowed.
Next, it used paralysis and poison, I wonder if that was its specialty.
Strangely I’m not scared, but such things won’t work on me anyways.
Even I, who doesn’t know how to read the alphabet, knows that this situation was abnormal from the start.
I don’t remember how I was able to understand my circumstances.

When I descended the stairs, there was white bearded old man.

“No way, someone came…”

I was surprised for a moment, but the old man squinted his eyes and showed a gentle smile.
Someone, someone is here.
For a long time, for some reason I haven’t been able to talk to someone else so I’m not sure If I was able to talk properly.

“I’m talking to you, do you understand me?
I don’t know how much time has passed
for Humans can only live for about 100 years”

I wonder what I should say?
Apart from that, I wonder where the floor boss is?
Usually when I go down to a certain extent, a boss monster would appear.
This time I expected something, ….possibly.

“Now now, those annoying humans probably won’t be able to drive me away to the bottom of the earth again, so now would be a good time, I should consider that.
If I appropriately spend another several hundred years…soon the lifespan of that hero clan will reach its limit. They should have died out by then.”

Suddenly, the old man’s body grew big.
From the corner of its shoulder and from the corner of its head, the color of its skin changed to black.
His thin and slender arms began to expand two fold of its original size and blood vessels began to rise. The color of his eyes changed to dark red.
Just like that, its demon-like body grew twice as big as me.
Its roar was able to destroy the surrounding walls and the pillars just by its wind pressure.
I thought I was going to be blown away, but somehow I was able to withstand it.

“I am the King of Destruction. Once, I destroyed the world and ruled all living things. There was an era where I instilled terror.
Some time ago before I became senile, I had the figure of a king ruling over the humans. I ruled over the humans and raised despair.”

<King of Destruction> he says, something like that is just a step forward on my way.and I have no idea what he had been saying at all.

“Did you think that there was a treasure? If that’s the case too bad!”
“No, its something else”
“There is only despair and death here. However, be relieved, I’ll put effort in giving you as little pain as possible………KAAAAA!!”

【I call upon the King of Destruction Vanda Lucia the Catastrophe!】

One by one orbs of light appeared in the air. If I think about it, it seems that one by one they will start to enlarge and then explode.
Though instead of causing an explosion, erasing is closer to the result.
The orbs began to swallow the floors and the pillars, annihilating and gouging any obstacles leaving a sphere shape.
While I was running, the orbs began to appear one after another behind me in a line as if giving chase.
Without change, I aimed at the King of Destruction. Suddenly at that time an orb appeared, cutting off my attack.
I tried my best to roll down to escape from the explosion of the orb, but I suddenly got chill when I saw the King of Destruction’s fearless smile.

[A foolish choice]

The King of Destruction pointed his finger to me, and simultaneously the orb exploded.
I was almost too late too realize it, and the explosion happened.
I roll away from the orb that exploded which took a part of the meat on my shoulder, it was swallowed.

【Ryua received 9321 damage!】
【Ryua HP 31129 / 40450】

Although I had trained a considerable amount, being unmindful of that orb which is able to do such thing…even though it hurt I’m not afraid. Though certainly if more than one orb appears like that my method of escaping will disappear.

“Sonic Ripper!!”

【Ryua fired Sonic Ripper!】

I swing my attack towards the King of Destruction which destroyed the ground as it passed through.
It’s a long range attack, therefore its power is somewhat low, however it is useful in a one way defensive battle.

“Hou. . . “

It was somewhat admirable to do in this state, however the King of Destruction slowly held out his hands towards me and then a orb appeared before my attack.
My attack disappeared along with the explosion of the orb.
【King of Destruction Vanda Lucia received no damage!】
【King of Destruction Vanda Lucia HP 320000/320000 】

Its no good, I have no choice other than close combat.
I was thinking of using some magic but, its probably useless since it will end the same way as before.
That orb’s power is immensely strong however, the King of Destruction won’t be safe if he gets involve in the explosion. Therefore, in close combat he won’t easily be able to make the orb.
But this situation is more serious than i thought.
Because of the damage on my shoulder from before, my dominant hand is unusable.
As expected from the the lowest floor boss, even though I was able to instant kill the 95th floor boss this one is incomparably strong.
I glanced to the left,
and just as i thought, The King of Destruction’s orb appears in that direction.
Without changing my view, in an instant, I recklessly ran with all my might to the opposite direction cutting a thousand times.
I assume that even the King of Destruction won’t be able to react to my speed.
Before I attacked with my sword, I kick the ground just to close a little more distance.
I avoided the attack of the King of Destruction by gouging out his flank.
Dodging by hair’s breadth, I wasn’t able to move any further.


【Ryua charged attack! damaged 128455 to The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia】
【King of Destruction Vanda Lucia HP 191545/320000】

“Gu , gufa”

The King of Destruction was on his knees, breathing heavily.
Then, something was released from his huge arm towards me and I moved to intercept it.

【The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia release a countless number of blades from his hand】

The situation will be the same as earlier if I evade this, I don’t have any time to hesitate. Even though it will be able to kill me, I have the resolution to rush forward even if i get damaged.
The released blades hits my body

【Ryua receive 3292 damage!】
【Ryua receive 2010 damage!】
【Ryua receive 850 damage!】
【Ryua receive 1241 damage!】
【Ryua HP 23736/40450]】


The sword i got from the 95th floor cut the protruding hand of the King of Destruction and he was cut into two.

【Ryua’s attack damaged 191546 to The King of Destruction!】
【The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia HP 0/32000】

“I was careless . . . .su-such as myself. . . .. not something like a hero . . . . . . . but a little girl . . . . . . uboaaaaaaaaa!!”

An explosion of light was released from the cut I left on The King of Destruction’s arm and torso.
It seems like my weapon’s added effect did this.

【The King of Destruction Vanda Lucia was defeated】

Nothing was left after the explosion.
If I hadn’t stepped back, it probably would have gotten dangerous for me.

“I-I won . . . “

【Ryua receive 999999 experience value!】
【Ryua level went up to 2216!】

“Ah, so that’s it”

100th floor cleared.
I didn’t believe it myself.
I didn’t know how dangerous this dungeon was, but I was able to finally conquer a dungeon.
When I was a kid, something like a dungeon was something I knew from picture books.
Finally . . . . . .

“I-I did it. . . .I did it~~!!”

I’m so happy that I want to jump up and down, No, I am already jumping up and down.
My body hurts so much that i want to cry, but
I didn’t notice that there was a treasure box enshrined nearby, I hurriedly ran toward it
I want to show this to Dad and Mom, and Kurinka.
However, I understand that i won’t be able to.


TL and ED note version: http://pastebin.com/kYgRUZDW

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11 thoughts on “Kansutoppu! Prologue: What Awaited me on the Lowest Floor

  1. suraj5898

    boss attack damage was 9k and her attack damage is 128k and 191k dont u think its like impossible ?? if u see her hp is 40k and his 320k he was boss to be feared and he die easily its really sad and impossible. u cant kill super boss this easily with this much deference


    1. chaosdichter

      no actually compared to his HP her HP are insanely high in many games your maximum HP wouldnt equal a percent of the endboss HP so she is overleveld (something like 2-5 times his level) + she has the best possible weapon so her dmg is quite normal (atleast this is what i think)


      1. suraj5898

        ok its just that he die in just 2 attack that sad . its maybe good if story begin from village or lvl 1, when someone transfer in to other world we can ok with if he is OP i mean when he transfer god or other beings just make him OP or give OP skills. even when person born in other world they r not OP to become OP they need time.


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